Objet de Plaisir

Symphonie is a rechargeable and waterproof vibrator, made of silicone. This vibrator has no less than three powerful, yet whisper motors. A powerful stimulation guaranteed. His playful form is a delight to the eye. The Symphonie has three motors: one at the top, one in the middle and one just above the handle. 1 year warranty.









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Purple € 99,00


How to recharge?

Use the charging plug to push through the silicone that is covering the indentation at the front lower end of your Symphonie, the indentation is marked with the letters DC above. When your Symphonie is done charging and you remove the adapter, the silicone reseals itself. Do not charge while your Symphonie is in water. Ensure that the charger plug is not slanted, but horizontally in the loading point while inserting.

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