Mousse Magique

Hydrating and crackling fresh mousse

This revolutionary new foam body mousse has a cooling and crackling effect that stimulates and opens the pores, leaving skin hydrated and revitalized. A long, lasting moisturizer with a subtle, fresh fragrance, NoireFontaine Mousse Magique uses only the highest quality ingredients and is ideal for dry skin that is in need of intense cooling hydration. Available in two fragrances, for both women and men. 6.75 oz (200ml).

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200 ml. $ 21.95
€ 18,50


Mousse Magique Frissonante (Shivering Magic Mousse) N°1

A light, floral fragrance, full of romance and tenderness.

Mousse Magique Frissonante (Shivering Magic Mousse) N°2

Seductive and sassy, this spicy fragrance is a top-seller and appeals to both men and women.