Tradition has it that a beautiful young woman once told sensual stories at the village fountain in Noirefontaine. The symphony of the splashing water was her source of inspiration. Her knowledge of all things natural, her stories about love and mysticism and her passion enchanted everyone's imagination. At dusk, young and old came to the village fountain and fell under the spell of "La Belle de Noirefontaine".

With natural ingredients, herbs and the pure water of her beloved fountain, she prepared a whole series of products which stimulated the senses. The mysterious stories about lovers which she brought closer together were passed on from generation to generation, and they are still being told today ...

The insights of "La Belle de Noirefontaine" lie at the heart of the NoireFontaine product range, an indulgence for mind and body.

Our products are prepared using modern production methods and pure, natural ingredients.

Recipes from a mystical past are now within your grasp.

Pamper all your senses and set some time aside
for romance and passion ...