Boules Ardentes

The ultimate Kegel Exercise system for women of all ages

The most effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This new vaginal pleasure balls in a lovely heart shape are a tool for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. The balls can be worn during daily activities, and they offer an effective, comfortable and easy workout for women of all ages. A little weight moves freely in the ball and provides a pleasant sensation. The pelvic floor will simultaneously be trained. You can also choose to use only one ball. This way you can build up your workout, as this set offers many possibilities. Vaginal balls are often recommended by gynecologists or physiotherapist, not just after giving birth, but also to train the pelvic floor muscles constantly. Comes in a beautiful NoireFontaine packaging. 1 year warranty.

• 2 silicone carriages (single and dual)
• 4 individual weights (ø 35 mm / 1.7" each)
• A satin storage pouch







Available in Recommended Retail Price
light € 39,00
heavy € 39,00

Boules Ardentes heavy

Guideline only: Boules Ardentes heavy are recommended for women under 30 years and / or women who not yet have experienced childbirth.

Pink balls: 2 x 35 g and dark pink 2 x 45 g.

Boules Ardentes light

Guideline only: Boules Ardentes light are recommended for women over 30 years and / or women who have experienced childbirth.

Pink balls: 2 x 35 g and blue balls 2 x 25 g.